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Founded to discover talent and inspire a new generation, Upmyle is a multifunctional global platform providing exposure for athletes in all fields and new opportunities for professional careers in sports and media.

All in one platform to build your action filled, up-to-date resume with images, videos, audio messages, podcasts, interviews and demonstrate your athletic ability through sports and fitness challenges.

Built on the vision to help advance the careers of the most inspiring sports figures and create unique prospects for talented individuals not attending top tier colleges, undrafted, and overlooked due to geographical, social, gender-based and financial limitations.

Upmyle is designed to build all in one, inspiring and career oriented profiles illustrating skill, work ethic and individual creativity by providing three different posting options with titles and dates to demonstrate progress and accomplishments.

Athletes, sports media personalities and fitness professionals connect with coaches, teams, agents, sponsors and all major institutions, for opportunities and additional sources of income, as we continuously provide new features for career advancement for all levels.

Upmyle welcomes all fans pursuing careers in the sports industry and staying connected with favorite athletes, taking on fitness challenges, listening to podcasts and sharing memorable experiences.

Upmyle News introduces new talent globally, shares highlights, milestones
and inspiring stories from all sports professionals.

Fans are encouraged to share game photos, videos and memorable experiences to be featured in our news section – tag us!
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Nano @nanoartemis

Entrepreneur, Founder @UPMYLE

“My vision was to build a platform that empowers everyone; whether you play soccer, dance or tell the story. To inspire and share the journey by displaying individual skill, work ethic and challenging others. Athletes inspire us and sports history is powerful and shared for many years because the talent behind the scenes have captured images, announced games and entertained us through passion and creativity.” 

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